Calluses are a build up of thickened skin found on the bottom of the feet, heel, and the inside of the big toe. The calluses are formed because of repeated friction and pressure and are formed to protect the skin and the structures beneath it from injury or damage. When the calluses thicken, additional pressure against the skin causes pain. Calluses on the toes can develop into corns.


  • Wearing improper fitting footwear (narrow-toed & high heeled shoes)

  • Excess friction between the skin and underlying bone

  • Flat Feet


Along with wearing proper footwear:

  • Massaging Insoles can help by providing a soft surface inside your shoe to relieve the pain from the aching calluses. Massaging Insoles will help to eliminate any friction or excessive pressure on the feet.

  • For Flat Feet, BestSole Inc. also offers an orthotic which can provide additional support & proper alignment. It is recommended that the orthotic be used in conjunction with our Massaging Insoles. The orthotic is placed underneath our insole.

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