Massaging Insoles

Massaging Insoles
"My name is Sgt. R. M.D., I bought a set of your insoles prior to my deployment to Afghanistan. These are by far the best insoles I've ever purchased and I've bought a lot of insoles. Fact of the matter being, these are like a walking massage; countless hours in my field boots and never felt discomfort. I highly recommend this product to anybody who is on their feet a lot. Easy to clean and maintain you can't go wrong with them."

-Sgt Robert M.D. Lacey, WA

Massaging Insoles® are therapeutic, 100% glycerin filled insoles that provide cushion, increase circulation and massage your feet with every step. Absorbs shock - great for knees, hips and back. Massaging Insoles® can help considerably in the reduction of pain due to heel spurs, stone bruises and pain suffered by individuals that spend long hours standing or walking on hard surfaces.

Massaging Insoles® fit in any shoe, are MACHINE WASHABLE and are recommended by people everywhere to treat all foot pain.

** Not Just For Those With Severe Pain but for Anyone Who Spends Time on Their Feet**

Currently being worn and appreciated by: Soldiers, Medical Staff, Golfers, Retail, Construction, Service Industry, Business People (Great in Men's Dress shoes and Women's High Heels), Athletes... and more!

Made in the USA

Delivery available within the USA