Plantar Fasciitis


Inflammation of the plantar fascia is the most common type of heel pain. Plantar fascia is the band of connective tissue that runs along the sole from the heel to the ball of the foot. One of its main roles is to keep the bones and joints in position. Bruising or overstretching this ligament can cause inflammation and heel pain. The pain may be worse first thing in the morning or after rest. In many cases, plantar fasciitis is associated with a heel spur. The plantar fascia tears at the heel and, over time, these injuries calcify and form a bony growth.


  • Flat Feet - the ligament is forced to overstretch as the foot spreads out and the arch flattens.

  • High Arches - the plantar fascia may be pulled too tight.

  • Being overweight puts excessive stress on the plantar fascia


  • Massaging Insoles massage your feet, thereby relaxing the band of irritated connecting tissues between the heel and the base of your toes. This all-day massaging helps alleviate your pain.

  • For Flat Feet, we also offer an orthotic which can provide additional support & proper alignment. It is recommended that the orthotic be used in conjunction with our Massaging Insoles. The orthotic is placed underneath our insole.

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